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Imagine a smart way to:

Boost your immune system & fire up your metabolism in just 21 days!

[without counting calories or doing excruciating workouts!]

Check out how this Leading Lady lost almost 6 kilos & 2.2% body fat in just 6 weeks! 

Looking for a smart way to Boost your Metabolism?
If  you're a Leading Lady of the Corporate world, struggling to achieve or maintain your ideal weight, you're probably shooting yourself the second arrow for not being able to get there despite your intelligence, right?

And with your Tetris-like calendar and daily stress & struggle already on your plate, you simply don’t have the time and energy for excruciating workouts and calorie-counting diets. 

And I'm guessing you really AREN'T aiming to show off a bikini body or six-pack abs. 

You just want to stop the vicious circle of deprivation, craving, indulging and shame that's keeping you from feeling truly appreciated for more than just your mind... 

You already took a great first step by downloading the 7 Prana Rebel Metabolic Secrets. What if I told you I developed a short-cut to put all of them into practice and turn up your body's fat-burning furnace within 21 Days? 

Imagine getting dressed one day, your arm no longer fitting your favorite waste coat...
That's annoying, right? Obviously, you could get it in a bigger size or have it altered. But you'll have to accept buying a larger dress-size from now on...
And we both know that's just opening the floodgates for letting yourself go even further, isn't it? 

And you somewhere down the line, it's going to make you even more miserable, wishing you hadn't let it come so far. 

So I'm here to stop you in your tracks. Because it really has nothing to do with your intelligence or lack of willpower. And you're beating yourself up for becoming victim of your own independence.

If you’re anything like I used to be or the Leading Ladies I work with, you’ve probably developed a love-hate relationship with food and you may even see exercise as a form of punishment. 

Not being able to lose excess weight leaves you feeling unfulfilled, undesirable, ashamed and guilty. So you basically shoot yourself the second arrow for not being able to get this down, despite everything else you DO achieve. 

Unfortunately, you probably know what I'm talking about from your own experience. Think of everything you tried so far...
  • DEPRIVATION You may have attempted to avoid certain foods, only to think of nothing else, wondering how on earth people can NOT want it all day long. And you end up indulging at some point, feeling defeated yet again.
  • FAT & CALORIE RESTRICTION You may have tried cutting out fats or following a calorie-restrictive diet that helped you lose weight short-term, only to gain it back again.
  • DETOX / FASTING Or you tried a cleanse, a detox-plan or any other form of fasting, resulting in a lack of energy, feeling hungry, headaches or mood swings. And not making it through just made you feel more ashamed.
  • EXCRUCIATING EXERCISE You may have tried excruciating exercise that quickly led to giving up or even physical injury because it just wasn’t at your level.
  • GROUP CLASSES Or you tried group classes at a crowded or noisy gym, feeling inadequate in some classes. But the classes you really enjoy, take place at times that just don’t work for you.
  • ​​MAGIC PILLS You probably even tried the ‘magic’ pills that claim to induce fat burn or suppress your appetite, costing a fortune, ending up with 3 bottles of pills collecting dust in the back of your cupboard.
  • GIVE UP You may have even thrown in the towel and attempted to accept your bigger body, confirming the idea that you just can't have it all.
Stop Right there! I Was Exactly Where You Are Now...
 When I was trying to lose weight, I got so frustrated with myself, the food-restrictions and the time it all took.
Trust me, I've tried it all, thinking it could work. All I wanted was to feel appreciated for more than just my pretty face and outstanding performance. 

I wanted to achieve my ideal weight without having to count calories, spend my entire day prepping food, deprive myself of sweets or ingest any artificial crap. 

And finally, I did. By discovering how the metabolism actually works and adopting a few fundamental principles to help IGNITE my metabolism.

Now, as personal trainer of the Leading Ladies of the Corporate world, I help THEM figure this out in the long run. 

Not just to lose a few pounds short-term, but to improve their overall health, boost their energy, mental bandwidth and overall resilience. So they not only FEEL better themselves, their MIND also performs better.  

In order for this to work for them, I had quite a list of requirements to fulfill. Before I could wholeheartedly recommend ANYTHING to my Leading Ladies, it would have to be:
I tried every single diet plan available, usually quitting after 2 weeks. And I struggled with my weight until I finally transformed my metabolism, never to go on a 'diet' ever again -jeej-

When one of my dearest clients asked for help with nutrition, I created a nutritional framework based on the 7 Metabolic Secrets that would fit my clients' Leading Lady Lifestyle. 

To make sure it was pure nutritional gold, I had it reviewed by Nutritional Therapist Kate Chaytor-Norris, author of the book: 'I Wish My Doctor Had Told Me This'.

And that's how I almost accidentally developed my Fat-Flushing Food Framework that would help my Leading Ladies ignite their body’s fat-burning furnace AND fit their lifestyle... 

But don't take my word for it. Being a data-freak, I just had to put this to the test. So I keep track of body composition analysis for 6 weeks...
And then the results came in...
don't take my word for it,
The results obviously speak for themselves.
Having access to a professional body composition monitor, I just had to check the exact results this Fat-Flushing Food Framework would really have.

Within the first 6 weeks of adopting it, this client lost almost 6 kilos AND 2.2% body fat. 
-2.2% bodyfat
-5.7 kg
in 6 Weeks
Also, her Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) increased substantially, meaning she would burn more calories even in her sleep!
I had obviously anticipated some fat loss, but this even blew MY mind! 
2 May 2020
13 June 2020
With this kind of result, I just HAD to get this out to as many Leading Ladies as possible struggling to achieve their ideal weight.  
So I decided to put it out there
This can work for you too! Imagine turning on YOUR fat-burning furnace the coming weeks!
Valerie Ketjen - aka Miss Vitality
My name is Valerie, also known as Miss Vitality, the personal trainer of the Leading Ladies of the Corporate world. 

Having a high sense of responsibility and not wanting to burden others, I became a victim of my own independence.

Despite good grades and a pretty face, my years as a chubby teenager resulted in a low sense of self-esteem. 
It wasn't until I started to work for a health club that I uncovered the mysteries of the metabolic system.

And so I found a way to achieve and maintain my ideal weight without depriving myself or counting calories. 

Now, with over 20 years experience in exercise, nutrition and meditation, I help ladies in executive and non-executive corporate roles regain control over their body, mind and spirit.
Being true drivers of positive change, I want my Leading Ladies to feel genuinely appreciated for their body as well as their mind. 
Imagine feeling genuinely desired for more than just your mind, money & influence...
No need to second-guess your intimate relationship, feel ashamed, guilty or self-resentful. You could finally regain the self-love and confidence you forgot you had. 

Suddenly, you can start to FEEL acknowledged, appreciated and GENUINELY desired for more than just your possessions, your achievements or influence.

So who is this for?
  • SUSTAINABLE If you're looking for a sustainable way to adopt a healthy lifestyle and lose excess weight. This is not a 'quick-fix'
  • MOTIVATION If you are more interested in improving your overall health and energy levels than just your physical appearance.
  • ROI If you’re ready to invest a few hours per week the coming 3 weeks to learn and establish the foundation of your life-long healthy lifestyle.
  • NATURAL If you value natural ingredients over artificial supplements and like the idea of using food as your medicine.
  • ENERGY BOOST If you want to discover how to change your relationship with food and feel liberated and energized instead of sluggish and depressed.
If that resonates with you… Then What I Am About To Share IS DEFINITELY for you.
Let me Introduce you to....
The 21-Day Prana Rebel Metabolic Make Over!!!
This is my revolutionary, Fat-Flushing Food Framework that will help ignite your body’s fat burning furnace while eating deliciously healthy foods that are easy to make. Without counting calories!
Here's What's Included:
The A-La-Carte Meal Plans (value €199,-)
The solid, yet flexible foundation of the entire framework that helps you understand the system so you can make it your own. Reviewed by Nutritional Therapist Kate Chaytor-Norris to provide you only with 'pure nutritional gold' 

I needed flexibility because I just can’t deal with total rigidity. So I designed each week to contain 6 brilliant breakfasts, 6 luscious lunches, 6 delicious dinners and a variety of savory and sweet snacks to choose from - yes sweets too! 
Weekly Shopping Lists (value €49,-)
Creating a shopping list based on specific recipes can be tedious. It’s one of the most common reasons I quit previous attempts. 

And because I really don’t want anything to get in the way of you achieving your metabolic make over, I did it all for you. 

These shopping lists will save you loads of precious time, money and help reduce waste. Now, you’re just one shopping list away from having everything you need for your metabolic make over...
Weekly Preparation Guides (value €49,-)
I was so fed up having my day (and mind) revolve around food. In the years I held a corporate job, I just didn't have the head space to spend hours deciding on, buying and preparing food, often ending up ordering take-out, or eating more of the same.

So when I sat down to make this plan, I knew I had to make it possible to prepare some dishes and snacks ahead of time. And that proved to be an absolute LIFESAVER

Also, no more binging ANYTHING because I always had plenty of healthy snacks. And the mind space it gave me was incredible! Those few hours per week investment have an AWESOME ROI! It's like DECOMPRESSING your mental hard drive!  
Daily Dose of Dope Checklists(value €49,-)
Sick & tired of the depressing counting of calories, I chose to turn that into checking off daily steps like with a to-do-list.  Honestly, I sometimes even add something to my daily to-do-list, just for the sake of crossing it out :)

Releasing a tiny shot of dopamine every time I check something off :) This sets you up for success and joy rather than failure, guilt and shame. 
As if that weren't already an AWESOME package, on top of that, you're getting my
Deliciously Doable Detox Guide €49,-
Anyone who's heard or read about fasting, understands the amazing health benefits it has. But many women find it extremely difficult to keep it up more than 2 days per week.

So I only included 1 WEEKLY DETOX DAY and I included such DELICIOUS SMOOTHIES, quinoa meals and self-care practice that would even become something to look forward to.

These days help further turn up the fat burning furnace, boost the overall immune system and reframe fasting to be a form of loving care instead of punishment.
Total Value €395,-
Considering the time, money and effort that has gone in to developing this amazing Fat-Flushing Food Framework, it's totally worth the €395,- it's valued at. 

But I’m going to offer it at a ridiculously low price to celebrate the INTRODUCTION!

Because I wish someone had handed me this when I was in your shoes.  

Seeing how this works for my personal clients, I consider it my moral obligation to get this into the hands of anyone going through the same struggle and obstacle.

But, before I reveal that ridiculous price, take a moment and think of the amount of money, time and effort you already put in to quick-fix solutions in the past. You invested in things that just didn’t tick all the boxes I mentioned before, right? 

And then consider how exactly you would value getting the PRACTICAL tools to finally develop the sustainable, healthy lifestyle that will transform your metabolism once and for all...

This could be the short-cut to help you finally shed the extra pounds that are preventing you from feeling genuinely appreciated for more than just your mind. 

So, if I were to give you an enormous introduction discount today, of say 90%, just to try it out... Wouldn’t that be absolutely fabulous?! 

That means you would get everything I mentioned above, by making a 1-time investment today:
That really is a no-brainer, right?!  And you may be asking yourself, OK Valerie, so what’s the catch? 

There really is none. I hope to help crush the paradigm and merry-go-round of crazy diet plans and excruciating workouts by getting as many people as possible to adopt the principles of my Fat-Flushing Food Framework

Honestly, knowing how effective this is, I would love to hear about the results YOU book using this. It would mean so much to me hearing how our joint effort helped improve your quality of life and raise your body confidence. 

And I hear you ask: What if it doesn’t work? What then? Will I have wasted my time and money yet again? 

I can honestly say you won’t. If you follow the framework, the framework will absolutely work for you. 

And if, for whichever reason, this doesn’t turn out to be one of the BEST investments you ever made... Then I don't want your money. 

And I’ll happily refund it for you within 30 days. Just like that, no questions asked. And I can only say this, because I’m so confident it WILL work. 
30 -Day Money-Back Guarantee
Now please understand that, once you leave this page, this 1-time INTRODUCTORY offer is gone. I can’t promise I’ll have this offer at this price forever.
Here’s A Recap Of
Prana Rebel Metabolic Make Over
  • A-la-Carte weekly Meal Plans (€199 Value)
  • Weekly Shopping Lists (€49 Value)
  • Weekly Preparation Guides (€49 Value)
  • Deliciously Doable Detox Day Guides (€49 Value)
  • BONUS: 2 Daily Dose of Dope Checklists (€49 Value)
Total Value: €395,-
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But to celebrate the LAUNCH, you're getting all of this...
For Only €39,-
You have nothing to lose but excess WEIGHT!
So if you want to finally feel genuinely appreciated for more than just your mind, stop shooting yourself the second arrow and click the button to start immediately. 

You've got everything to win here, and thanks to my guarantee, absolutely nothing to lose but excess weight.

So you can either keep struggling with whatever you are doing now, with zero promise of results... or you can try the 21-Day Prana Rebel Metabolic Make Over right now, completely risk free.

I can't wait for you to take action and finally achieve the success you’ve been wanting to get for so long. Click through to get started NOW!

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